Spring 2022 Letter from the President

As we start to come out of this time of absence from the things that we were used to, we look back at how much we did accomplish, and what to get ready to do again. The Libraries that we serve have gone to great lengths to stay a source of information and guidance throughout this Covid pandemic.

The lessons learned during this time will only serve to make the libraries even more a place to find good and informative programming. There has been more content offered to the public during this time than one might think.

The library is currently finishing up a month of programming about Black History Month. It’s still not too late to learn about all the people of color that made a difference in our libraries, our community, and our nation.

Take a moment and read about the men and women some of libraries are named after. Take for example, Robert W. Saunders Sr. Mr. Saunders, a former state NAACP leader, is credited with groundbreaking work in the state during the turbulent 1950s and ’60s that helped integrate schools, public beaches and housing and won higher pay for black teachers.

As we start to move toward being “open for business” again, let’s get the word out about why we do what we do, and talk to prospective volunteers and members why we love to work in the libraries of Tampa/Hillsborough county.